Last modified: August 26, 2023

We regard your information as significant and of utmost importance. Your privacy is our first priority.

The purpose of our app is to protect your privacy first, and to protect your privacy above all else.

This Privacy Statement would be to inform you if there were to be any personal information we collect. Since we don’t collect personal information, location or any other information related to you or to your smartphone, this Privacy Statement is fairly simple and straightforward.

We are a privacy browser, meaning we never use, read, save, sell or access your private data — and, we even delete data from the app that gets saved automatically by Google — so you can keep your data as private and safe as possible.

The following permissions described below:

INTERNET (network access) – used to so you can surf the internet and view webpages.

ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (network connections) – used to so you can surf the internet and view webpages.

Information We Collect 
We don’t collect your personal and we don’t collect your non-personal information. We collect NO information.

How We Use Information 
Because we don’t collect your information that also means we don’t use your information at all for anything, ever.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: Our email addresses:


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Santa Monica, CA 90401

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