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enhanced privacy
& security

Web3’s decentralized nature inherently enhances privacy and security, minimizing the risk of personal data tracking and misuse. With Incognito Browser’s support for Web3, users can explore the web with confidence, knowing their activities aren’t tracked by centralized entities.

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ownership & control over data

Web3 technologies empower users with ownership and control over their data. Incognito Browser facilitates access to these decentralized applications and services, ensuring that users can manage their digital identities and assets securely, without intermediaries.

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resistance to censorship

By leveraging decentralized domain systems like .eth and .crypto, Incognito Browser enables users to access content that is resistant to censorship and control. This ensures freedom of information and expression online.

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access to dApps

Web3 is home to numerous decentralized applications (dApps) that offer alternatives to traditional web services, with enhanced privacy and user control. Incognito Browser provides users a private gateway to explore and interact with dApps.