Experience True Privacy

Surf the internet with peace of mind,
knowing that your privacy is always protected.
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ad blocker

view your favorite content without getting interrupted by ads

browse web3

Incognito Browser supports IPFS,
.eth & .crypto web3 addresses

agent cloaking

~ hide your browser & device identity

~ view desktop version of sites on your mobile device

user-friendly interface

clean UI, tabbed browsing & minimalist design that maximizes your viewing space

fast downloads

rapidly download files while staying anonymous

privacy protection

all data & history is removed when you exit the app, nothing is stored on your device

multiple search engines

Incognito Browser supports multiple search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo & Bing.

dark & light Mode

Incognito Browser provides the actual dark UI for browsing through the internet at night.

20+ advanced settings

Customize your browsing experience with our advance settings. Set your preferences for images, JavaScript, cookies & more.

13 languages

Incognito Browser supports 13 different languages, including English, Spanish & Portuguese.